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Retired CPA who always just wanted to be an artist. Now that I have the time,

I’m having fun doing tons of art. Almost all of my education was related to

accounting and tax (blaaaah), with a couple of watercolor classes in Junior

College as electives. So, I’m basically self-taught in art.

As a lifelong native Michigander, I have the advantage of many outdoor

experiences throughout the state and gobs of photos to draw inspiration for

new paintings. Also, my travels through the US provided additional ideas as

painting subjects. The mountains of the West and the Southwestern deserts

were inspiring and made for some fun paintings.

Animals seem to make their way into many paintings. Dogs are my favorite

subjects, then landscapes and water scenes. Don't do much with people as

subjects, except when the setting is fun and different.

I work in watercolor, oil and acrylic. Lately, most of my time has been spent

on doing watercolors. Watercolor and oil paintings allow me to take a nap: acrylic


Here's the artist’s mission statement: If it ain’t fun, I don’t do it. That’s the

objective. I hope you get that sense while you gaze at my work.

Thanks for looking.

Note:  Many photos are not representative of the piece. My photography 

skills are weak, to say the least.  Please contact me for more, and perhaps better​



T. 616.498.6659  |

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